The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio - "The Long Haul"

It was time to bring in the band. 

In 2019, Mike Jacoby released Long Beach Calling – the third in a series of albums featuring Jacoby on nearly all of the instruments. To play those songs live and bring them to their full performative potential, he brought in longtime pal Don Read to lend his bass-playing talents, and Don brought in Mike Levin, to serve as drummer-extraordinaire. 

It didn’t take much time to realize that these three players had a real musical affinity. The next album belonged to the Mike Jacoby Electric Trio. Songs that would become The Long Haul began to evolve in the practice studio – the band’s sound brought out the power and the vibrancy of each tune, forging a sonic path for the tracks to become what they were always meant to be.

Which is the most important part. Because for Mike Jacoby, the song always comes first. With a love of music born in classic rock ‘n‘ roll, Jacoby’s writing is firmly rooted in the Americana and Alt-Country veins.  He always brings a fresh and unique perspective into the heart of each song’s story, which range from insightful to silly, from harrowing to hilarious. They can make you reflect inward, and they can make you laugh – often at the same time. 

Album opener “Right Off The Bat” sets the tone for the record – an upbeat, funny song about the perils of online dating. Featured single “Everybody I Know” comes next – a wonderful, rocking ode to friendship. The title track too is a standout, compelling and exciting. From there, The Long Haul takes the listener on a journey through diverse subject matter: toxic family relationships, fractured love affairs, songs filled with insight and optimism, a visit with a death row inmate, and a shout out to Bend, Oregon. Quite a collection.

 The Long Haul by the Mike Jacoby Electric Trio. Mike Jacoby on guitars, vocals, Don Read on bass and Mike Levin on drums. Featuring the fantastic Lisa Jackert on violin and the fabulous Art Bailey Jr. on piano.